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PGD Annual 2009 Results Announced
The results of the PGD Annual 2009 have been announced here, with details of the prizes being posted here
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2010-01-10 19:13:52) 

DeleD Going Open Source
As some of you may already know, Delgine are going to be making DeleD an open source project in January 2010. In light of this development, they are withdrawing their sponsorship of the PGD Annual as everyone will be able to get their hands on DeleD for free in the new year.

I'm sure we would all like to wish them well with their plans, and to thank them for their past support of the PGD Annual.
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-12-31 12:43:38) 

Competition Site Update
I had hoped to get the scoring system online this weekend so the judges can cast there eye over the stage 1 submissions. But when I've been looking at doing this, I've found a couple of things I'm not happy with in the system database design. For obvious reasons, I can't just dive in and change things on the live system, so I'm taking my time with the next stage of development to make sure I get it right.
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-07-19 18:37:38)

Not too late to signup
Well, we've had a few signups over the last couple of days, so I think it's time to remind the new signups that its not too late to enter this years competition. Stage 1 has only just finished, we're on the coding stage, and you now have until 26th September to create your entry. So, if you want to compete, give it a go.
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-07-16 19:08:11) 

Reporting bugs and some updates
Instead of reporting problems directly to me via the main PGD site or by email, please read the 'Bugs' page and follow the instructions there to report the issues using our issue tracker (full details provided on the 'Bugs' page). This will make it easier for me to keep track of potential problems and it will also allow you to see whats being done about issues.
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-07-11 20:02:33)

Wiki online
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-07-11 03:44:47)

Uploads and Google Chrome
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-07-10 22:55:34)

Mail to me
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-07-10 08:03:31)

File uploads enabled
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-07-09 09:51:01)

Rule changes for PGD Annual 2009
Posted by AthenaOfDelphi (2009-07-06 14:26:24)

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